Sunday, 24 July 2011

Skinny Pizza - Thin Crust Pizzas

Had an early dinner at Skinny Pizza at Wheelock today.  I have been to this restaurant once before and wanted to come back to try out other stuff in their menu.

We ordered one pizza and pasta to share: Bolognese with Mozarella Pizza (SGD 23.00) and the Lobster Linguine (SGD 22.00).

The Bolognese with Mozarella Pizza was very enjoyable.  It was reminiscent of a taco salad.  It had slices of mozzarella, beef bolognese, and rocket.  I liked the texture and crunch of the super skinny crust which went well with the toppings.
Bolognese with Mozarella Pizza (SGD 23.00)
The restaurant ran out of lobster, so they replaced the lobsters with tiger prawns which was fine by me.  However, the linguine sauce was a tad too peppery.  I normally enjoy pepper on my Black Pepper Crab, but it's not something I really enjoy with pasta.  There was too much heat and saltiness which overpowered the prawn.
Lobster Linguine (SGD 22.00)
This visit to Skinny Pizza was fine, but I think I ordered better dishes the last time I was here.  Next time I'll stick to their tomato-based pastas -- was quite happy previously with their Meatball Spaghetti.  Pizza was still very good though! 

Skinny Pizza
501 Orchard Road
#03-04 Wheelock Place

* They also have another branch at Raffles City basement

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tonkichi - Japanese Tonkatsu

I happen to love deep fried pork, especially Japanese tonkatsu.  So it was a no brainer for me to try out Tonkichi in Orchard Central, whose menu reads "Tonkichi is tonkatsu, Tonkatsu is Tonkichi."

I ordered the Kurobuta Kata Rosu Set (SGD 32.90).  Kurobuta is black pork which is known for its tender and marbled meat.  The dish did not disappoint!  The black pork was really soft and juicy without being too oily.  It was paired perfectly with tonkatsu sauce with ground sesame seeds.  The meal came with unlimited cabbage, rice, and miso soup similar to other tonkatsu places.  Perhaps my only qualm (albeit a minor one) was that the salad dressing for the cabbage was not as good as that of Saboten, my other favorite tonkatsu place in Singapore. 

Kurobuta Kata Rosu Set (SGD 32.90)
Freshly Ground Sesame Seeds for the Tonkatsu Sauce
My husband, being the more health conscious of us two, ordered the Sashimi Zaru Soba Set (SGD 28.90).  I apologize as my photo below does not really do justice to the dish.  My husband could not stop raving about how fresh the sashimi was.  There were lots of "ooohhss" and "aahhhs" as he tasted each sashimi -- from the scallop to the ika (squid) to the maguro (tuna).  The soba as well was freshly made and was equally a winner.

Sashimi Zaru Soba Set (SGD 28.90)
I will definitely go back to Tonkichi in the near future, and maybe this time I'll try out their chirashi if their sashimi is really as fresh and yummy as my husband says it is.

Tonkichi - Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, #07-06
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: 62387976
Fax: 62387312

*  They also have branches at Ngee Ann City, Suntec City, Isetann Scotts and Tampines Mall.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Yomenya Goemon - Japanese Spaghetti House

I had just visited my chirporactor in Raffles Place and decided to swing by this restaurant in Marina Bay Link Mall with my husband.  Yomenya Goemon is an interesting place.  It's a Japanese restaurant that serves only spaghetti/ pasta dishes.  It's not a fusion restaurant, but instead you can say it's Japan's interpretation of italian spaghetti.

They have 32 different pasta dishes ranging from aglio olio (olive oil and garlic), tomato, and cream base.  Most pasta dishes cost SGD 12.90 each and the serving portions are quite hefty.  So  you will probably spend from SGD 15 to 20 per person if you want to add on drinks or a salad.

I had the Napolitean pasta with mozarella and sausage (SGD 12.90).  Pasta was cooked perfectly al dente.  The sauce was a little on the sweet side but still very good.  The poached egg in the middle of the spaghetti was an interesting touch, but it made my pasta a bit too heavy.

Napolitean Sauce with Mozarella and Pork Sausage (SGD 12.90)

Close-up of Napolitean Spaghetti

My husband had the Basil and Fresh Mozarella (SGD 12.90).  He thought it was very good too, and the pasta had some yummy mozarella chunks.  The tomato sauce was also very fresh.

Basil and Fresh Mozarella (SGD 12.90)
Overall I would recommend Yomenya Goemon if you are looking for a unique pasta experience.  Service was also fast and efficient, so those working in the Raffles area could go here for a quick lunch.

Yomenya Goemon
Marina Bay Link Mall, Marina Bay Financial Center,
8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-03,Singapore 018981
Tel: 65096470