Saturday, 14 January 2012

High Society - Artsy Cupcakes

Ok so I would have to admit that when I first saw High Society in Marina Bay Sands, I swore never to eat there since the name sounded so pretentious.  The interior was also too ostentatious for my liking.  However after passing by the place several times, the display of their delectable desserts kept calling out to me.  Soon enough I found myself taking home a few cupcakes to try out myself.

The cupcakes in High Society are extremely fabulous - visually and taste-wise.  Below are pictures of what we've tried at the restaurant itself and some we've taken home.  I don't remember the exact names of each cupcake, so these are to the best of my memory.  Though everything we've tried so far has been amazing, the pictures are arranged below according to wow factor (from the first being the most impressive of the lot).

Haute Lemon Cupcake (SGD 5.60)
Classic Vanilla Cupcake (SGD 5.60)
Raspberry Cupcake (SGD 5.60)
Choco Hazelnut Cupcake (SGD 5.60)
Apart from the sinful icing on top, each cupcake has a gooey jelly filling in the middle that is just superb.  Each cupcake is worth SGD 5.60 - pricey dessert, but a must try for those with a serious sweet tooth.

High Society
10 Bayfront Avenue
#B2 43/44 Marina Bay Sands
Tel #: 66887522

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