Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Cellar Door - Deli and Wine

I have seen this restaurant several times in VivoCity, and I had always found the interior to be very inviting and classy.  I never actually had the chance to try it out until yesterday.

The Cellar Door is a deli and wine restaurant at the first floor of Vivo City.  You can choose to dine indoors or outdoors.  Outdoor dining would give you a nice view of Sentosa.  However given the heat and humidity in Singapore, I almost always choose to dine indoors.

Instead of the normal food fest, my husband and I decided to have a light meal for dinner with some wine.  We ordered the Carnivore Sharing Platter (SGD 28.00) -- okay, I admit that doesn't sound light!  But it's actually just a platter of cold cuts- prosciutto, honey cured ham, and roast beef served with some bread.    The prosciutto was excellent.  My husband and I agreed we have not had such good prosciutto in a while.  The honey cured ham was good too and went very well with the chutney that was served.  The least enjoyable was the roast beef which I felt was a little dry.  The bread was awesome.  It was crusty yet soft in the middle.  Very high quality bread which I would normally only find in good hotels.

Carnivore Sharing Platter (SGD 28.00)
A glass of wine ranges from SGD 7.50 to SGD 15.00.  I am in no way a wine expert, but I did enjoy my glass of red wine with the cold cuts.  They also have a proper deli that has a good selection of cheeses.  It's a pity I didn't get to try any!  Instead of ordering from the menu, you could also choose to come over to the deli and point out which cheese or meats you want for a platter or a sandwich.

This restaurant is very pleasant.  And given my love for deli food and wine, I will definitely frequent this place and have some manchego or aged cheddar with more of that yummy prosciutto.

The Cellar Door 
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-108/109 Vivocity
Tel #: 64635296

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