Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Disgruntled Chef - Modern European Fare

My husband and I had dinner at The Disgruntled Chef at Dempsey Hill since I wanted to buy some goodies around the area.  I have always been curious about this particular place since I've found the name to be quite an odd choice for a restaurant.

The Disgruntled Chef serves Modern European cuisine as what was explained by the waitress.  She also explained how best to order from their menu which was divided between "Small Plates" and "Big Plates".  The small plates are mini appetizers, similar to serving sizes of a degustation menu.  The big plates on the other hand are mains that are good for sharing.  She recommended that we order 4 to 5 small plates and 1 big plate for my husband and myself.  However since I'm a real sucker for variety, we decided to order 6 small plates instead.

Our first order was the Chicken Liver Parfait (SGD 14.00).  This was served with a prune jam and brioche toast.  I love chicken liver, and this dish was amazing!  The chicken liver had a very light and airy mousse-like texture.  The prune jam was a perfect contrast to the parfait.
Chicken Liver Parfait (SGD 14.00)
The next order was the Seared Sea Scallops (SGD 12.00).  These were 2 large and juicy scallops served with a delicious teriyaki-like honey sauce.  My husband and I were also impressed with the freshness of the scallops.
Seared Sea Scallops (SGD 12.00)
I can never resist ordering pork so we had some Serrano Ham (SGD 16.00).  This was served with rocket and potatoes.  Though my husband enjoyed this, I thought the use of potatoes was unnecessary.  The potato oddly enough overpowered the ham.  I feel that serrano ham is not salty enough to stand against overwhelming amounts of starch.
Serrano Ham (SGD 16.00)
The last meat dish we ordered was the Crispy Lamb Shortribs (SGD 15.00).  This was seasoned in cumin and was served with a greek yogurt dressing at the bottom.  This was another well executed dish.  The yogurt helped balance out whatever gamey taste was left of the lamb.
Crispy Lamb Shortribs (SGD 15.00)
Our waitress suggested we also order the Baked Camembert Fondue (SGD 18.00).  I'm glad she suggested this since we really enjoyed the dish.  The bread was amazing, and I really liked the combination of the apple sauce that was served with the camembert cheese.  I am a huge fan of the salty-sweet combination.
Baked Camembert Fondue (SGD 18.00)
Our final order was the Crayfish Macaroni and Cheese (SGD 12.00).  This was a little on the heavy side, and seemed a little out of place with the rest of our orders.  No major complaints, but it was just a bit anticlimactic.
Crayfish Macaroni and Cheese (SGD 12.00)
My husband and I really enjoyed our visit to The Disgruntled Chef.  I was also very happy with the service, and we will definitely be back again for dinner.  My top picks for the night were the Chicken Liver Parfait, the Seared Scallops, and the Fondue.

The Disgruntled Chef
26B Dempsey Road
Tel #: 6476 5305

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