Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Goose Station - Degustation Experience in Manila (Manila Series)

I have been wanting to try out The Goose Station's degustation menu for quite some time now, so I was more than happy to oblige when a friend invited me for a pre-holiday dinner there.  We had the Signature Menu, which is a 7-course degustation menu that costs Php 2,500 or SGD 74.

You will have to forgive the quality of the photos below as I left my camera and had to take these with a friend's iPhone.

The first course is called Snacks, composed of Foie Gras Cone, The Chip, Jamon Croqueta, and Mais con Yelo.  I thought the Foie Gras Cone was excellent and I loved the texture of the foie gras mousse paired with the crispy cone.  The rest of the snacks sadly were disappointingly ordinary.
Foie Gras Cone
(R to L) The Chip, Jamon Croqueta, Mais con Yelo
Next up is the Caviar Surprise with Alaskan King Crab, White Asparagus Flan, Prawn Jelly, and Avruga Caviar.  This was a pleasant and light dish.  Quite liked the texture and overall flavor.
Caviar Surprise
Next course was the Eggs Benedict.  This was a poached egg with hollandaise sauce, truffle oil, and bacon tuile.  I normally love anything with truffle, but this dish was an overkill.  I thought there were too many rich and heavy elements.  Perhaps a simple poached egg with truffle oil would have been better suited.  
Eggs Benedict
The only greens for the night was the Carrot and Beet Salad.  The photo below does not do justice, but I thought this dish was superb.  Absolutely loved the use of goat cheese with the rest of the salad.  I also thought the dressing had the perfect amount of acidity.
Carrot and Beet Salad
The Fideua Negra or squid ink noodle had nicely roasted scallops on the side.  I enjoyed this dish and thought the flavors were distinct but not too overwhelming.  
Fideua Negra
Last entree for the night was the 24 Hour USDA Short Rib Steak.  I would have expected extreme tenderness from the meat since this was slow cooked, however in my opinion this was rather forgettable.  The only thing commendable about this dish was the truffle mashed potatoes.
24 Hour USDA Short Rib Steak
For dessert, our table ordered each of the 4 choices in the menu- Strawberry Sorbet, Chocolate Candy Bar, Cheesecake, and Lemon Meringue.  The cheesecake in our opinion was the best of the group.  It was nice and light with loads of fresh berries.  The rest were all okay but nothing worth raving about.
Strawberry Sorbet
Chocolate Candy Bar wit Raspberry
Lemon Meringue
There were a few hits and misses in The Goose Station's degustation menu.  I would recommend the foie gras cone, carrot & beet salad, and fideua negra.  Seeing that only a handful were worth re-trying, I would suggest ordering ala carte instead as I think forking out that cash for the entire degustation menu may not be the best use of your money.

The Goose Station
W Tower 1117, 39th Street
Bonifacio Global City 1634
Taguig City, Philippines
Tel #: +632 5569068

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