Monday, 29 August 2011

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck - Specialty in Roast Duck

I stumbled upon this restaurant by accident in Paragon last year after I had just moved to Singapore.  My mom was visiting and we were looking for a Chinese restaurant to eat in.  Boy was I pleasantly surprised to find such good food here in Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck.  They had the best peking duck I had tasted!

It is recommended that you call the restaurant in advance to reserve the Beijing Roasted Duck (SGD 68.00).  They accept walk-ins, but the duck is extremely popular and has a tendency to run out easily.  The duck is good for 4 people, so it won't come out too pricey per person.

They first serve the most premium skin of the duck.  It is very crisp and melts in your mouth instantly.
Beijing Roasted Duck (SGD 68.00)
First Serving of Duck Skin
They serve the duck chopped/ sliced for you to wrap in their yummy wanton.  The wanton texture is quite unique.  It's not too thick, but still very chewy.  Their hoisin sauce is also very tasty.  I always order extra wanton and hoisin sauce since I can't get enough of it.
Duck served with the Cucumber and Spring Onion for Wrapping
Wanton Wrapper
Close-up of the Beijing Duck
Duck in wanton
I normally have the duck cooked a second way in salt and pepper.  I prefer this over the regular chopped or minced duck, since it gives a different flavor and savoriness to the duck.
Duck Cooked "Second Way" in Salt & Pepper
Apart from the famous Beijing Roast Duck, this restaurant also serves other good chinese cuisine like noodles, lobster, and soup.  I have not been disappointed so far with my other orders in the past.  I will probably write about the rest of their dishes when I eat there again next time.  I personally love roasted duck so I eat here quite often especially when I have guests around.  It's very easy to find as well -- it's at the top floor of Paragon on the opposite side where Crystal Jade is.

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck
290 Orchard Road
#05-42/45 Paragon
Tel #: 67327838

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