Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tonkatsuya - Authentic Japanese Tonkatsu in Manila (Manila Series)

My sister-in-law discovered Tonkatsuya about a month back in Manila.  She was raving about the quality of their tonkatsu and how it reminded her of the original tonkatsu in Japan.  So obviously I could not wait to try it out for myself!  I immediately had my first meal there after I landed in Manila last week.

Tonkatsuya is hidden in an obscure part of San Antonio Village, Makati.  You wouldn't even think there would be any decent eateries in the dingy looking hallway where it's located.  The restaurant is really tiny too with only 3 small tables.  It looked authentic though as all the guests in the restaurant were Japanese, but I wanted to let the food speak for itself.

I ordered the Oroshi Katsu Set (PHP 230.00 or SGD 6.50) as recommended by my sister in law.  This is a tonkatsu set served with radish sauce.  Oh boy was it delicious!!  I absolutely loved the radish sauce paired with the pork.  I had not tasted radish prepared like this anywhere else.  It was slightly tangy/ sour but very mild.  It balanced the heaviness of the pork which made me want to stuff my face with even more tonkatsu.  Gosh, my mouth is still watering now just thinking about that radish sauce!  The price was jaw-droppingly cheap too for this quality of food.
Oroshi Katsu Set (PHP 230 or SGD 6.50)
Tonkatsu up close
My mom was trying out this restaurant for the first time with me too.  She ordered the Tempura Set (PHP 230 or SGD 6.50).  They had a very generous serving of prawns.  The batter was extra crispy too which my mom really liked.  The tempura sauce was also good, but my mom ended up getting some of my radish to pair with the tempura (yes, we are both big fans of that radish sauce!).
Tempura Set (PHP 230 or SGD 6.50)
We also ordered Gyoza on the side.  I forgot to take down the price but I assure you it was affordable too.  The dumpling was cooked exactly the way I like it -- crispy/chewy on one side and soft on the other.  The inside had really yummy seasoned pork too.  
Gyoza (Forgot to take down the price!)
I was extremely satisfied with everything we had at Tonkatsuya.  The pork of course was still not at the same level as the Black Pork in Tonkichi or the Tenderloin Katsu in Saboten.  But for the price, I am not one to complain at all!  I highly recommend Tonkatsuya for those looking for a no-frills place with really good food.  They are able to maintain the quality of their food since the owner (a former tonkatsu chef in Japan) cooks for the restaurant, and I hear they deliberately have not expanded to maintain authenticity.

Tonkatsuya also caters.  So if I ever hold a dinner party in Manila, I just might give them a call.

LGF C Palm Tower
St. Paul Rd.
San Antonio Village, Makati City
TEL: (02) 896-1990


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