Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Shimbashi Soba - Handmade Japanese Soba

I was doing some shopping with my husband in Paragon today when we decided to eat in one of our favorite soba places - Shimbashi Soba.  Service in this restaurant is extremely fast so this was ideal for a quick bite.  Shimbashi Soba serves fresh handmade soba noodles, and they pride themselves in making the noodles from scratch in the restaurant itself.

I ordered my staple dish which was the Tenchirashi Soba (SGD 17.80).  This is a chilled noodle with tempura and poached egg.  The tempura is a mixture of prawn, mushroom (I think it was enoki mushroom but I may be wrong), and other vegetables.  I am a big fan of tempura so this was an instant fave.  I love the fried mushrooms paired with the yummy soba sauce.  I really like this dish but it is quite heavy so you need to be extra hungry to finish this up!
Tenchirashi Soba (SGD 17.80)
My husband also ordered a chilled soba - the Ume Ten Oroshi Soba (SGD 18.80).  The noodles are topped with grated radish, japanese plum, and wild vegetables.  They serve prawn tempura on the side.  This dish is a bit simpler and not as heavy as my order.  My husband says it was very refreshing and he finished up his plate rather quickly too, which I take as a good sign.

Ume Ten Oroshi Soba (SGD 18.80)
For you japanese noodle lovers out there, I recommend you try out Shimbashi Soba at Paragon.  There is a lot of variety in their menu for those who fancy other types of soba- they have over 2 dozen choices of meat/ vegetable/ soba combinations which can be served either warm or chilled.  I personally like chilled noodle, but I think the warm soba is more popular.  So you guys can give that a try too if warm noodles are more your preference.

Shimbashi Soba
#B1-41 Paragon
290 Orchard Road
Tel: 6735 9882

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